DSI Integration with JDE

While JD Edwards and DSI’s Mobile Platform are each tier 1 solutions in their own right, DSI provides JD Edwards the physical collection of data that ERP software cannot achieve on its own.


One thing that makes DSI and JD Edwards a good fit is the seamless integration between the two. DSI’s integrations are not only data-source agnostic, but also specifically certified to integrate with Oracle JD Edwards. This reduced integration complexity simplifies implementations and protects data integrity.


Combined, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and DSI MEP present an incredibly mobile enterprise solution. DSI’s Mobile Platform allows you to quickly develop and deploy mobile apps on unlimited devices. This enables direct communication and real-time access to data. Similarly, Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Platform offers a wide variety of mobile apps to your remote workforce. In fact, all EnterpriseOne applications run on the Apple iPad. E1 is the first ERP solution to be fully accessible on the iPad, underscoring Oracle’s commitment to mobility.


Creating customized tools, apps, and interfaces in most enterprise solutions requires third party developers. But by giving decision makers and end users reasonable access to customize their interfaces and create their own alerts or mobile applications, users can experience immediate benefit without the time and expense of unnecessary development. Both DSI and JD Edwards offer this level of flexibility.

DSI’s Mobile Enterprise Platform includes an easy-to-use visual development tool. This tool allows business analysts—not just coders—to develop the apps they need.

EnterpriseOne offers end-user flexibility with OneView Watchlists. With Watchlists, users create their own alerts based on exceptions to normal business processes. This helps users to deal with exceptions quickly and efficiently.

Corning Data

Corning Data is a Specialized Oracle partner. As an original JD Edwards partner, we have spent decades cultivating one of the strongest teams of JD Edwards experts. We believe strongly that DSI is the best data collection and management complement to JD Edwards. This is why we have built the largest team of experienced DSI developers and consultants outside of DSI itself. Our DSI consultants are skilled in all versions of DSI (dcLINK and MEP) and all versions of JD Edwards including JD Edwards World and EnterpriseOne. Together, our DSI and JD Edwards practices make Corning Data the go-to service provider for your DSI and JD Edwards implementations and projects.


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