Learn how to create Work Instructions, Courses, Books, Shelves, Produce, and Publish your ClickLearn content. Or, have the experienced Corning Data ClickLearn team do it for you.

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In a rapid developing digital world the need for quality and varied learning material and documentation has never been more important.

ERP software needs an advanced training software. The solution not only supports IFS but web browsers, Windows apps and even Microsoft Office.

With ClickLearn for IFS you will be able to provide:

Written Instructions

Create uniformly designed instruction to present to the end user.

Video walk throughs

Including completely automated voice-overs and effects to enhance the training experience.

Training simulators

Let your staff train themselves and build confidence within the work instructions before performing them in your live environment.

Virtual Assistant™

Easily guide your users directly within the live system, telling them exactly where to navigate to, where to click, what to input and what options to select.

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