IFS Consulting Services

Corning Data provides superior IFS consulting services in the US and Canada with our staff of seasoned professionals.

Professional IFS Consulting

Project Management
Successful Project Management requires clear, concise, and accurate communication between the customer and the service provider. This is key to delivering a complex project on budget and on time. Our project methodology includes regularly scheduled project status meetings and executive steering committee meetings. Corning Data integrates our project management tools into our methodology and project plan.

Project documents can be organized in folders for easy identification and retrieval. This capability to categorize and centralize all project related documentation extends to project plans, issue logs, user documentation, operational scripts, test scenarios, etc.

Performance Tuning
With Corning Data, performance tuning of an ERP package begins before the servers are ordered. Our IFS consultants work directly with the IBM Competency Center in order to ensure the performance requirements of the solutions are met.

After the installation, Corning Data excels in performance tuning of the IFS Applications on any and all of the supported servers. Our experienced technicians are often called upon to revive and complete failed projects and implementations of larger firms.

Custom Software
Even with today’s full-function and highly configurable ERP software, development needs may arise. At Corning Data, we promote Business Process Re-engineering and offer creative solutions to niche business issues when appropriate. However, custom software development is sometimes required. All of our developers are senior level programmers with many years of experience. So, whether your need is for IFS Applications Customization using the IFS AQS standards, Oracle Data Base (stored procedures, functions, or triggers), IAL Development, or PL/SQL scripts for process automation (event driven notifications, data warehousing, or batch processes), CDS has the experienced developers needed to address your business requirements.

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