IFS Implementation Services

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Professional IFS Implementation Services

As a member of the IFS Partner Network, and as an IFS Channel Partner, Corning Data has offered IFS implementation services for more than 5 years.  

The Corning Data On-Target Implementation Methodology for IFS implementations is designed to reduce the time to “go live” and improve your organization’s Return on Investment.

IFS Implementations
Corning Data has performed hundreds of ERP implementations including conversions from various homegrown systems and tier 1, 2, and 3 legacy ERP systems, including numerous data migrations.

For any ERP software implementation, Corning Data uses a proven methodology specifically designed to compress the time to go-live, reduce implementation costs, and reduce post-implementation costs as well. This is achieved by adhering to an implementation philosophy of “Train, Assist, Advise.”

Corning Data recognizes that by coaching a client through an ERP implementation instead of unilaterally performing all aspects of the project, the client team becomes more self-reliant with the software product sooner and can control costs simply through more active participation. By the project’s end, the client has the power users and expertise to properly manage the system without expensive post-implementation support.

Global Roll-outs
For businesses with plants or offices spread out across multiple countries, implementing ERP is typically more challenging. This is the case because global enterprises are frequently the result of mergers and acquisitions, leaving various business units on disparate legacy systems. Global Roll-outs of IFS often involve far more systems integration and consolidation than “normal” implementations.

To successfully implement ERP on a global scale, truly seasoned experts must lead the project through these obstacles. Corning Data has the experienced professionals required to complete such a challenging implementation.

Instance Consolidation
Running multiple instances of an ERP software product within business units or divisions of your organization may minimize many of the benefits of having ERP – particularly when those instances are at various release levels. Corporations are discovering that consolidation onto one instance of the IFS Applications eliminates a multitude of support inefficiencies and redundancies, significantly reduces operating costs, and simplifying the management of day-to-day operations.

Should your IFS consolidation project involve merging multiple instances into one and/or unifying the entire organization onto one common version of the software, Corning Data has the experience to help. As a member of the IFS Partner Network we have the deep knowledge and experience required. As such, Corning Data is uniquely qualified to guide your team through the many challenges that they’ll be facing.

Corning Data has revived and completed many failed Implementation and Upgrade projects started by larger competitors. Corning Data can evaluate your project status to date, identify roadblocks and bottlenecks, and provide a solution that puts your project back on track.