What’s The Cost of Doing Nothing? Preventative Maintenance and CAM

What’s the cost of doing nothing?  If your equipment isn’t part of a preventative maintenance schedule, the cost could be crippling.  Doing something  preventative maintenance – will save your organization money and time.  The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Capital Asset Management (CAM) system from Oracle enables you to maintain and service equipment to reduce downtime and repair costs, increase productivity, and improve product quality. Corning Data has several clients who have leveraged the vast capabilities of JD Edwards Capital Asset Management.  One of our clients reduced production down time from 14% to 6%, saving them over $500k a year.

Disparate non-integrated Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) don’t leverage the integrated capabilities that JD Edwards CAM does: A/P, A/R, G/L, Inventory, Manufacturing Planning and Capacity Requirements Planning.  Here are some of the benefits our clients have experienced:

  1. Improved visibility to planned and unplanned work orders
  2. Lower risk to critical business processes, with Oracle support for standard software functionality rather than the disparate functionality of other systems
  3. Increased flexibility with new functionality provided by the standard JD Edwards Capital Asset Management module
  4. Improved Asset repair/buy analysis with JD Edwards Equipment Cost Analysis
  5. Perpetual inventory for the stock room which improves spare parts ordering and stocking levels

Contact us at 800-455-5996 or info@corningdata.com to find out how you can better use JD Edwards Capital Asset and avoid the costs of doing nothing.


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