What’s in Store for the Food & Beverage Industry?

Fresh challenges await the Food and Beverage industry. Recently, the online Food Processing magazine surveyed their editorial advisory board and a pack of trusted consultants to reveal the five biggest concerns in their opinions. They came back with the following:

•    Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) — food and beverages that contain genetically modified ingredients require separate labels.

What does that mean for F&B? There is a need to gain greater understanding of our food and beverage, and where it comes from.

•    “Naturality”—companies are being pressed for showing that there is nothing “artificial” or “synthetic” in their products.

What does that mean for F&B? There has been some misuse of the term “natural” which has led to more lawsuits.

•    The changing business climate—a lot more organizations are either going out of business or being acquired.

What does that mean for F&B? Companies that survived by being reactive are now expected to be proactive.

•    Impact of “private” label—growth in private food labels are expected to outpace growth in branded food.

What does that mean for F&B? Margins are slim in the private label business.

•    Managing health—Food processors are working on innovative ways to make products healthier.

What does that mean for F&B? Processors need to lean on regulation as the answer.

Given these challenges and many others, food & beverage producers, processors, and growers need a software platform that can help them face the demands of the day from the entire crop-to-product, block-to-bottle cycle.

With the functionality to address all of these concerns, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is a World-Class Solution for Food and Beverage.  Advanced inventory management capabilities, including Traceability, Shelf Life, and Multiple Expiration Dates, as well as Regulatory Compliance, are all core functionality in the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne solution.

Along with the functionality to address the above concerns, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne helps Food & Beverage manufacturers face the ever changing landscape of their industry with the following functionality:

•    Block management, advanced payments, and final settlements
•    Unique blend management for wine and spirits production
•    The ability to deliver timely, consistently high quality, safe, and profitable products

With Inventory Management to reduce costs, Advanced Pricing to increase profitability and Manufacturing modules to increase efficiency, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is the complete Food & Beverage solution. Want to learn more?  Call 800-455-5996 for a free consultation!


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