What is IFS ERP Software?

What is IFS ERP Software?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software helps companies stay organized and work more efficiently.

Research indicates that over 95% of organizations say that ERP implementation has improved their business processes.

One of the most popular ERP solutions on the market is the IFS ERP system. It’s popular with both large and small businesses and specializes in a number of industries. So, what is IFS software, and what are its benefits?

You may be wondering, what does IFS stand for? IFS stands for Industrial and Financial Systems.

IFS is a company that develops and delivers enterprise software with an industry-specific, user-friendly platform. It allows businesses to keep track of assets and manage services across their entire environment.

Here are some of the features of the ERP software from IFS:

  • Financial management tools
  • Field service management
  • Manage work orders
  • Human capital management
  • Project management
  • Manufacturing scheduling
  • Supply chain management
  • And more

IFS enterprise software is a single platform designed to help businesses keep track of assets and manage services across their entire environment.

With IFS, you will be able to maintain assets, manage, manufacture, and distribute goods with ease from start to finish.

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IFS ERP Software: Industry-Specific Applications

What separates the IFS ERP application from most is its industry-specific customizations. Most ERP software is rigid and designed to be a “one-size-fits-all” solution for enterprise asset management (EAM).

Since no two businesses are alike, generic business software doesn’t always provide the unique features companies need.

The ERP system from IFS can be customized to suit specific industries:

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Engineering, Construction, and Infrastructure
  • Telecommunications, Energy, Utilities, and Resources
  • Manufacturing
  • Service Industries

IFS Applications’ ERP can be customized even more to suit niches in the various industries.

For example, they offer unique ERP IFS solutions for food and beverage companies within the manufacturing industry.

Specifically, they can assist with process manufacturing and discrete manufacturing operations.

Enhance Your Efficiency with IFS

Our experts provide valuable insight to help you benefit from IFS’ ERP solutions.

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What Makes IFS Software ERP the Best Choice?

IFS software is designed to fit your specific industry. No matter how niche your business, IFS ERP will help you distribute goods, maintain assets, and manage services based on your unique processes

If you are interested in upgrading to a component based ERP solution that fits your business’s unique needs, contact the experts at Corning Data today.

We’re proud to be an IFS Channel Partner and will help you identify and implement the perfect ERP solution to fit your business.


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