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Named a top session at Infocus2018 by the Quest Oracle Community

Corning Data presents ESU’s, Tools Releases, Upgrades: The Reality of Keeping JD Edwards Current (Replay Video)

Watch this video to have a better understanding of Oracle’s Continuous Delivery model for JD Edwards updates and how to adopt it.


Want the ‘always current’ benefits of Cloud without losing control?  Tired of waiting for the big upgrade to get the benefits of new functionality?  Need to understand the tools available to support your Digital Transformation?  Corning Data will help you understand and navigate the new tools and processes to keeping your JD Edwards system up to date.  We’ll use real customer examples to help illustrate the different kinds of software updates, planning requirements, implementation processes and best practices. Learn how you can keep your JD Edwards up to date, implement the newest functionality and maintain a stable and supportable system.

  1. Explain the various kinds of software updates and how to manage them
  2. Discuss what is available in JD Edwards to support your Digital Transformation
  3. Outline new strategies and tools to keep your JD Edwards system current

Our Presenter:

TIM WALKER, CORNING DATA – Tim Walker joined Corning Data in 2016. He has 30 years’ experience in operational management of IT systems, with a specific focus on supporting JD Edwards systems over the last 20 years. He has demonstrated success in leading IT teams, and driving excellence in support services. He has a diverse technical background and industry experience in professional services, manufacturing, banking and online services. He is also the president of the Nashville Regional Users Group for Quest.


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