Top 5 Mistakes Customers Make With Their JD Edwards Infrastructure

You should make sure to go through the proper steps to review your JD Edwards system architecture and design every time you replace hardware, add users or significant functionality, and before any upgrade project. This is even more important with all of the new JD Edwards technologies such as UX One, Mobile Applications, One View Reports and the Orchestrator. But too often JD Edwards customers don’t use the available sizing tools and just ‘wing it’ when it comes to their system architecture and hardware sizings, leading to these costly mistakes:

Under Sizing

Trying to save money by under sizing a system can result in poor system performance, which in turn creates user dissatisfaction and system reliability problems. You will waste precious time and resources troubleshooting and repairing these problems or trying to tune your way out of them. It is always cheaper and safer to avoid the issues with proper design.


Over Sizing

With scarce resources available for all of the business’ technology needs, it is surprising how frequently companies buy too much hardware. With short technology life cycles and the continued costs of electricity, cooling and staff to support your hardware, over architecting your JD Edwards infrastructure is literally throwing money away.


Not Accounting For Growth

Thinking only about your current needs is equally problematic. You may end up requiring a disruptive upgrade soon after your initial deployment. Worse yet, you could end up at a technology dead end with a system that cannot be expanded. Make sure to work with the business to understand growth objectives and design to accommodate them.


Not Re-Thinking The Platform

Deploying fresh infrastructure is the best time to reconsider your platform choices. Still using the JD Edwards Technology Foundation ‘Blue Stack’? Considering migrating to Unix? Need the reliability of the IBM Power platform? Before you invest your time and money, address these questions.


Ignoring Cloud Options

There have never been more or better options for deploying JD Edwards to the Cloud. Enterprise class Cloud infrastructure solutions help you predict your spend, gain flexibility and scalability, and refocus your internal resources to better match strategic business needs. The Oracle Cloud options for JD Edwards should be top on your list for consideration.

Need help with Cloud infrastructure solutions, system sizing, or designing your on-premise infrastructure to support your JD Edwards upgrade or deployment? Give Corning Data a call before you make one of these mistakes.


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