Time Is Running Out For JD Edwards and IBM i Tech Support


If you were on the fence about upgrading your JD Edwards (JDE) software, you need to keep reading. As of December, Oracle will stop providing most forms of tech support for older versions of JDE product lines. This includes EnterpriseOne and World, and specifically, versions XE and 8.0. Only sustaining support will remain while extended support will no longer be available.

What does that mean to current license holders? Unless they need fixes for known problems or support for older operating systems, they’ll be out of luck. However, IBM is throwing another curveball. According to IBM Systems Magazine, users who operate JDE on their IBM i 5.4 are also at a disadvantage, as support for this system will also run out at the same time. The problem is a large contingent of JDE users run IBM i servers with an old OS. This makes any potential migration or JD edwards upgrades process even more problematic on both ends.

Effective by the end of the year, your organization could face a real dilemma. Do you take the risk and run these systems without full support or start a migration process that involves a lot of moving parts?

The reality is that upgrades to JDE and IBM i appear necessary given the current state of affairs for both systems. Before you start to grumble, there is a major silver lining for upgrading. Some of the overall advantages include:

  • Access to many more tools and third-party packages than previous releases
  • Delivering improved end-user response times
  • Integration and support for recent technologies that increase OS performance
  • Improving overall throughput, response time and overall system effectiveness
  • Quicker execution of batch job requests
  • Ultimately reducing total cost of ownership, mitigating risk and boosting efficiency

With a partner like Corning Data Services Inc. that has handled numerous JDE and IBM I migrations and upgrades, your organization is in good hands. We can help you devise a plan that combines the latest IBM i and POWER systems for newer JDE World or EnterpriseOne ERP releases.

Contact our team today to get started!


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