The Cost of Doing Nothing and JD Edwards CAM – Part II

What’s the cost of doing nothing? Preventative maintenance schedules help turn reactive break/fix repairs into proactive maintenance management.  Doing something – The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Capital Asset Management (CAM) system from Oracle goes far beyond providing preventive maintenance.  Condition based monitoring provides the ability to measure variance in your equipment operating tolerance.  Resource assignments allows you to assign technicians with specific crafts or skills to the maintenance tasks best suited to their capabilities.  JD Edwards will also let you track your warranties with your suppliers as well as warranties on installed equipment that you provide your customers.  Entitlement checking ensures you don’t spend resources on equipment that should be fixed under warranty.

Capital Asset Management also supports maintenance and warranty processing for durable equipment you sold to your customers.  By creating installed base records you can assign technicians to perform break/fix and preventative maintenance activities on your customers purchased assets.  With JD Edwards you can manage your customers’ service contracts, increasing your revenue and meeting your customer needs.

Corning Data has been helping our clients achieve their operational, strategic and financial goals for more than two decades, using Capital Asset Management to provide them cost reductions and revenue opportunities.  Whether Capital Asset Management is leveraged for your internal equipment and facilities or to support durable goods sold to your customers, JD Edwards has the solution for you.

Contact us at 800-455-5996 or to find out how you can better use JD Edwards Capital Asset Management to avoid the cost of doing nothing.


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