Food & Beverage

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for the food and beverage industry is more challenging than some vendors would have you think.

Not only do you need batch process ERP with recipe management, but you need that data to flow directly into discrete manufacturing ERP for packaging and labelling. Quality assurance and management – with excellent traceability for recall management – are also important to comply with local food safety regulations and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) systems. Maintenance software to keep process equipment up and running. IFS delivers all of this in a flexible, component-based suite – with finance, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), mixed-mode manufacturing, maintenance and more. From new product development through to field service management for route sales or delivery, you can look to IFS.

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Intelligent Demand Planning for Food & Beverage


IFS Applications gives you a 360-degree view of your supply chain and production capacity, allowing you to make informed decisions and meet challenging customer demands – on a daily basis. IFS Applications can be used in the office, on the shop floor, in the warehouse and by your mobile workforce.








Operational Intelligence

New Product Development
Recipe & Formula Management
Quality Control / Specifications
Statistical Process Control / HACCP
Substances & Formulations
Material Compliance
Eco Footprint

Supply Chain

Demand Planning
Collaborative Forecasting
Supply Planning
Pricing & Discounts
Customer Agreements
Rebates & Commissions
Charges and Deductions

B2B Collaboration
Customer Orders
Sales Quotations
Sales Promotions
Available to Promise
Yields & Byproducts

Supply Chain Management

Multisite Planning
SRM and Sourcing
Purchase Order
Detailed Planning
Quality Analysis
Shop Floor Reporting

Warehouse Mobility
Transport Planning
Shipment & Delivery
Shelf Life & Expiration
Units of Measure
Catch Weight
Shop Material Control

Finance & eInvoice

Service & Integration

Collaborative Solutions

Document Management

Human Resources

Inventory Management

Quality Assurance

Project Management

Product lifecycle management (PLM) is more than just a buzzword in the business. It’s also more than merely managing your program and project processes. PLM is a strategic approach that applies a consistent set of business solutions to the processes required to design and manufacture the product or plant, operate it in the field, and dispose or decommission it at the end of its useful life.

So if you’ve changed your mindset and moved on from the belief that manufacturing is just about making things and are taking a broader lifecycle approach to your products, then IFS Applications is the ideal ERP software to run your operations with. IFS takes an integrated approach to PLM that enables you to overview every step of the life of the product or plant you manufacture—from the drawing board to disposal. With overview comes information; with information comes control. And with control comes the ability to fine-tune your engineering and design processes, optimize manufacturing, streamline maintenance and service procedures, and ensure that disposal is taken care of with the environment and sustainability in mind. IFS Applications lets you focus on product lifecycle profitability (PLP) by facilitating a design for-service approach from the very beginning.

IFS Applications—designed, developed and delivered to be the only PLM software you’ll ever need.

Sales, Marketing and Demand Management

  • CRM
    Most, if not all, major CRM products in the market today deliver comprehensive sales automation support, but they are delivered as built-on products integrating back to the ERP, which carries cost, complexity, limited integration, risk of low data quality and often lengthy projects.Learn about the new, exciting out of the box CRM capabilities of IFS Applications, which reduce implementation time, complexity and TCO.
  • Demand Planning
    Based on a management-by-exception philosophy IFS Demand Planning enables you to automate forecasting for minor processes and to focus on the significant areas of concern. All forecasting can be easily adjusted to correspond with conditions and events.
  • Product Development
    The solution supports the complete lifecycles of products, customers and assets as well as the supply chain processes for sales and delivery, manufacturing and procurement. In addition to this integrated solutions for financials and human resource management can be added as needed. The functionality is available through a range of interfaces suited to specific situations, e.g. a Windows client, a web portal or a handheld computer.

Supply Chain Management

In an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software environment, Supply Chain Management is not a discipline unto itself. It is part of the business as a whole, with multiple dependencies between finance, manufacturing, purchasing and sales. IFS Applications’ supply chain functionality is a core component in our enterprise solution, from purchasing through to environmental footprint management of the value stream, delivering you:

  • Powerful demand forecasting solution with collaboration
  • Supply sourcing for customer service and availability
  • Multi-site logistics for materials visibility, co-ordination
  • Inventory lifecycle management from procurement to sales
  • RFID, bar code scanning mobile apps for inventory traceability