Enterprise asset management (EAM)

Enterprise Asset Management Software (EAM)

Enterprise asset management (EAM) software needs to be more than a glorified computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). And IFS Applications offers more. A lot more. As part of a complete enterprise suite or as a standalone EAM solution, IFS Applications offers you the freedom to implement as much supporting functionality as you need to meet your asset management and other organizational requirements. Sure, you get maintenance scheduling, work orders and other functionality necessary for reliability-centered maintenance. But you also can extend your EAM solution with human resources, purchasing, risk management, finance, document management and more.

We could build a website for our best-of-breed, world-class asset management solutions alone and write about collaborative asset lifecycle management from design and engineering through maintenance to decommissioning. We could detail our solutions for ALM, EAM, OEE, and describe minutely how you can increase asset reliability, launch predictive maintenance strategies and cut maintenance costs. And that’s just some of our areas of expertise.

But that would only be part of the story. Our track record is equally important. IFS Applications has been around for almost three decades and saw the light of day in the asset management sector. It was designed not just for, but to a great extent by, the industry. It has seen mergers and demergers, deregulation, greater demands on asset and workforce optimization—and helped companies all over the world to turn these challenges into profit-making opportunities. Download more detailed information below. Or contact us directly and find out why IFS Applications could become your most profit-making asset.