Platform Migrations

Today’s business requirements can’t be met with yesterday’s technologies. The inherent “shelf life” of platform technology causes the need to address this area every 3 to 5 years. Before considering a platform technology migration, companies must consider that there are many options and approaches to addressing platform needs. Should you remain on your AS400? Move to Windows, Linux? How about database choices? CDS has been assisting customers make these business critical decisions for over 25 years.

OS 400 Upgrades

 Staying current on your OS 400 operating system is vital in maintaining support with IBM and to optimize performance of your critical business applications.

Our dedicated team of highly trained and experienced Series i Technical Specialists make your upgrade seamless.



 Blue Stack to Red Stack

The introduction of the Oracle technology foundation (Red Stack) provided new options for the JD Edwards community. An original partner of JD Edwards, Corning Data has been a leader in assisting customers embrace new technologies since 1980. We assist customers weekly with the full range of migration options including:

  • i Series (AS/400) -> Windows/Oracle Database
  • IBM DB2 (Windows/Linux) -> Oracle Database
  • DB2/400 -> Linux/Oracle Database
  • SQL Server -> Oracle Database
  • IBM WebSphere -> Oracle Application Server
iSeries to Intel

The IBM i Series (AS/400) is one of the most successful business application platforms in the industry. There are instances based on business specific requirements when moving to Windows is a better alternative. Our experienced technicians can seamlessly perform:

  • i Series (AS/400) -> x Series (Windows & Linux) migration
  • Applications Migration
  • Database Migrations (DB2/400) -> Microsoft SQL Serve