JD Edwards to SAP Migration Services

ERP system migrations, such as JD Edwards to SAP, require significant resource commitments to both the incoming and outgoing software. Also, due to the complexity of Tier 1 software and the varying best practices between different products, a successful transition requires deep knowledge of both software platforms.

If an acquisition, merger, or other business catalyst has you migrating from JD Edwards to SAP, Corning Data offers several solutions to assist with a successful transition.

JD Edwards to SAP Migration Resource Solutions
One common failure point of large ERP projects is the amount of time the internal staff is required to focus on implementing the new system. A time & resource restraint occurs as employees are torn between their regular duties of maintaining the current system and the new pressures of the implementation project itself.

Corning Data can assist in the vital role of maintaining the old system while your team brings in the new. By leveraging our CNC Managed Services and Application Managed Services to supplement your team, you can focus on the SAP implementation at hand. This gives your team an opportunity for full immersion into the new system, without putting your day to day operations with JD Edwards at risk.

JD Edwards to SAP Project Management
Corning Data has the experienced staff of experts to perform complete JD Edwards to SAP migrations. Our senior level project managers and consultants understand JD Edwards and SAP business flows, configuration options, and migration tools. Corning Data will build an implementation plan that accommodates your business needs with minimal customized code.

JD Edwards to SAP Migration Services in Summary

  • Transitional JD Edward Application support
  • Transitional CNC/technical support
  • Transitional development support
  • Business process migration
  • Data migration
  • Data collection migration services
  • Expert project management
  • Only senior level talent