Are you ready to Move Up from World?

EnterpriseOneSo, your business is getting by on JD Edwards World. We think it’s time to move up to EnterpriseOne.

World may be working right now, but it is decades old and no longer supported by Oracle. World cannot grow and evolve with your changing business needs in a rapidly changing economy. Corning Data will help assess your ERP needs and configure a system that is uniquely suited to your business processes and goals.

Cost-Justifying an EnterpriseOne Upgrade

How do you cost-justify an upgrade from JD Edwards World to EnterpriseOne? Start with a simple cost-benefit analysis. Here are some costs to consider:

  • Hardware Costs – How much will it cost to upgrade your hardware?
  • Software Costs – Will you need to purchase the EnterpriseOne software?
  • Consulting Costs – Technical and application consulting costs may depend largely on your team’s willingness and ability to learn and own the upgrade project.
  • Development Costs – Do you have a lot of custom code? Carrying those modifications over to a new release may require some retrofitting.
  • Internal Costs – How much productivity will you lose while your users are training to use the new software? How should you expect to benefit from an EnterpriseOne upgrade?
  • New Functionality – Review the upgrade value proposition. New application functionality will include process improvements that will reduce your costs. It may even eliminate your need for certain third-party software.
  • Better Usability – Many of the core EnterpriseOne applications have vastly improved usability. They are efficient, intuitive, and user-friendly.
  • Better Performance – User productivity improvements may speed up certain business processes, saving your company money. Sales Order Entry, for instance, is 31 percent faster. Shipment confirmation is 53 percent faster.
  • Tools 9.2.x– In an enhanced user experience, EnterpriseOne makes modifications and report writing easier.

Need help attaching some numbers to these considerations? Call Corning Data for a free consultation, (800) 455-5996.


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