JD Edwards Inventory Management

Manufacturers, distributors, logistics companies, and retailers (both brick-and-mortar and online) live and die by their ability to manage their inventory. An insufficient supply of a critical part can idle an entire manufacturing plant. But luckily, this is where the right ERP module, like JD Edwards Inventory Management, can help. 

Keeping up with the amount of inventory—let alone optimizing inventory levels—is a constant struggle for many businesses.

Most businesses need an inventory management system to help with their inventory management tasks. Most enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems offer an inventory management module to track and manage inventory. 

In this article, we describe the features of the Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne inventory management module and JD Edwards Manufacturing Solutions provided by Corning Data.

JD Edwards Inventory Management

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne systems are typically implemented for inventory-reliant businesses with EnterpriseOne’s comprehensive inventory management module. This module is flexible enough to handle any business processes related to inventory, such as:

  • Cycle counting
  • Physical inventory counting and tag counts
  • Vendor-managed inventory
  • Consignments
  • Warehouse management

…and much more. Here are some of the main features and benefits of JDE inventory management module:

jde experience with inventory management

Item Master Data: The JDE Experience with Inventory Management

The comprehensive item master data component is more than simple item numbering. The system enables you to define item information for every part, be it raw material, semi-finished product, subassembly or finished goods, as well as non-valuated or non-stock items such as containers and labels. 

The many inventory-related attributes include characteristics such as:

  • Storage conditions
  • ABC classification for cycle counting
  • Minimum remaining shelf life
  • Vendor part numbers 
  • Units of measure (base, purchase, issue, sales, and more) and conversions among them
  • Reorder points and safety stock levels
  • Item cross-referencing

The wealth of information you can define for each item helps not only with inventory management but also order management, supply chain management, manufacturing, financial reporting and more.

Inventory Tracking and Counting with JDE Inventory Management

Much of inventory management boils down to keeping track of two things: how much you have of everything, and where it all is.

The JDE experience with inventory management makes these tasks a snap. The warehouse management tools enable you to define storage locations, from high level (such as warehouse or branch plant) down to the aisle, shelf and bin level. The tools also enable you to track and manage vendor-managed and customer-consignment inventory—no matter who owns it.

On the inventory counting side, JDE inventory management supports full physical counts (annual, semi-annual or any other frequency) as well as cycle counting, with the complete recount and reconciliation features.

In addition, integration with the procurement, manufacturing, and sales order fulfillment modules of EnterpriseOne automatically increments inventories as goods are received or manufactured and decrements them as they are shipped out, consumed or scrapped.

Together, these features enable real-time monitoring of your inventory.

inventory management jd edwards

Other Features and Benefits

Some additional features of JDE inventory management include:

  • Complete item history tracking
  • Serial numbering
  • Inventory exception management
  • Management and disposition of short-expiry and expired inventory
  • Tracking of item costs and pricing

The 360-degree view of your inventory situation enables you to minimize your inventory levels and reduce carrying costs, unnecessary and duplicate purchases or manufacturing, and losses from scrapped inventory. 

Corning Data and JDE Inventory management

With over 130 staff JD Edwards EnterpriseOne experts, Corning Data is your one-stop-shop for designing and deploying JDE ERP systems. We can help you determine if JDE Enterprise One is the right ERP for your business and can configure a system to give you maximum business benefit and value.
If your inventory management process has become a costly impediment to growing your business, contact Corning Data today to learn how we can modernize and streamline your inventory management with JD Edwards.



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