4 Lessons from Successful JD Edwards Upgrade Projects | Lesson 4

This article shares the lessons we’ve learned to ensure successful JD Edwards upgrade projects so you don’t have to learn the hard way. It is the third in a four-part series by Richard Garraputa, resident JDE expert at Corning Data.

In Lesson One we talked about the importance of designing your project to fully deploy all upgrade features. In Lesson Two, we discussed teaching end users solutions to problems, rather than just showing them the technical tools. Lesson Three demonstrated just how much easier your system maintenance can be when you stay current with smaller upgrades.

JD Edwards Upgrade Project Lesson 4: Get experienced help with your upgrade.

You stay busy with all of the details of running your business and are an expert at your own operations. You need the same level of expertise to make sure you get the most from your JD Edwards system. How can you be expected to do your day job and keep up with everything new coming from Oracle JD Edwards? Why wouldn’t you bring in a team whose job it is to keep up with it all and has done it already?

upgrade projects key components

Corning Data can help make sure you are getting the most from your upgrade. We can:

    • build a plan for how JD Edwards can support your business with a personalized Vision Tour.
    • pap out an upgrade project to cover all of your bases, including training, technology and licensing.
    • help you get back to vanilla by leveraging new functionality to remove modifications.
    • design new solutions for your end users to improve productivity and speed decision making.
    • prepare your team with a personalized Upgrade Planning Workshop, building organizational commitment for your goals and your project.
    • deploy, maintain and stay current with our Hosting and Managed Services.

You don’t have to do this alone or settle for less. Get expert help today by emailing info@corningdata.com and request:

  • a personalized version Net Change report.
  • information on an Upgrade Planning Workshop.

Thank you for reading this four-part series. Look for new industry insights weekly here on our blog. You can also connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Richard Garraputa upgrade projectsRichard Garraputa is a Corning Data enterprise software evangelist with more than 20 years experience in helping drive real business benefits from improved processes and use of technology. He helps clients grow their top line revenues, reduce costs through more efficient and effective operations, and become more competitive through improved processes.


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