5 Benefits of IFS for Your Business

5 IFS Benefits for Your Business

Many industries are using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to help run their operations and increase efficiency.

In particular, over 50% of manufacturing companies use ERP systems that help automate operations, reduce errors, provide insight, and more.

The ERP software covers several operations, including:

  • Accounting to track receivables and payables
  • Orders and fulfillment
  • Inventory management
  • Manufacturing
  • And more

But different types of ERP software can benefit your business.

IFS is a global company that develops and implements enterprise software, known as IFS Applications. It’s known for its user interface being easy to use, customizable, and agile.

The IFS ERP software is best known in the manufacturing and supply chain industry but offers multiple benefits to businesses in different industries.

In this article, we will break down the top IFS benefits for your business.

5 Major Benefits of IFS for Your Business

1. Customizable Solutions

A major benefit of IFS is that it’s the entire ERP solution is consolidated into one platform, covering all of your business operations.

Because the IFS software is agile and flexible, it can also be adjusted to fit your business’s unique needs. It was designed to be configurable to meet your exact industry and company, providing your organization with a competitive advantage.

Because IFS covers all of your operations, there are no ‘data silos’ as it acts as a single source of truth throughout the organization, increasing communication, collaboration, and efficiency.

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2. Demystify Your Supply Chain

Modern manufacturing businesses are often complex organizations with multiple factories, warehouses, and distribution centers.

Keeping track of all this is a nightmare without a proper supply chain management solution. IFS provides the tools necessary to untangle your supply chain and build efficiency into your workflows:

  • Avoid working with multiple instances of the same vendor
  • Leverage a single mapping between internal and vendor part numbers
  • Realize cost savings with intelligent purchasing management
  • Monitor your inventory situation in real-time
  • Automate purchase orders

3. Gain Visibility into Manufacturing Operations

For both process and discrete manufacturers, IFS business software provides insight into everything that’s happening on the factory floor.

This functionality includes monitoring the status of every production order and identifying risks in completing them. Production resource planning decisions can be made using real data, not assumptions.

Enterprise asset management tools enable you to schedule equipment maintenance and plan your production activities accordingly.

The result of these ERP solutions is increased productivity, optimized capacity utilization, and faster problem resolution.

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4. User-Friendly Interface

Many ERPs are unnecessarily complex and leads to people managing the software versus managing the business.

IFS benefits employees by having a user-friendly interface that increases productivity and useability.

IFS encourages employee engagement and helps employees do their jobs with a comprehensive AI.

5. Develop and Manage Service-Focused Operations

If your business is not in the manufacturing industry, you might wonder, “Is the IFS ERP system a good fit for me?”

The simple answer is yes. IFS provides tools for service-oriented industries as well, such as field service management and food and beverage services.

Resource scheduling, equipment and supply management, and other tools are all part of the IFS benefits package for service industries.

Corning Data Specializes in IFS Integration

Corning Data is a long-time IFS channel partner with over 40 years of ERP implementation experience. Our IFS consultant team develops and delivers enterprise software solutions for businesses in all industries.

In addition to IFS design and implementation services, Corning Data offers a host of managed services. These services keep your IFS environment in top condition, provide training for your end-users, and deliver migration assistance when transitioning from another ERP system.

Contact Corning Data today to learn more about how the user-friendly IFS ERP system can help your business grow.


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