How to Avoid Common ERP Implementation Pitfalls

Even when organizations know that installing an ERP system is the best option to streamline operations, there is generally hesitation to give the green light. After all, successfully implementing ERP software is not a straight-forward task. There are a lot of steps involved in the planning stage alone, let alone the physical act of moving data, consolidating processes, and steering an enterprise-wide integration. For many organizations, their concerns stem from not having the right people for the job. This is where hiring an IFS and ERP consulting services company can be a smart move.

According to Yahoo! Finance, TEKsystems recently conducted a survey of ERP professionals who expressed the top challenges for their most recent ERP projects. At the top of the list was lack of quality talent. The rest of the survey results reveal:

  • 30% were concerned with business and IT alignment
  • 19% found less system functionality than originally defined in scope
  • 7% saw budget overruns
  • 7% had a hard time keeping projects on track and on time
  • 6% lacked quality end user training

When there are setbacks during the implementation process, the entire organization can see a negative trickledown effect. For instance, budget overruns can be deadly for businesses that already have budget constraints. Moreover, any level of time that is wasted on unforeseen training and delays lifecycle stages can halt the flow of production. In that regard, the potential long-term benefits that can be gained from an ERP will be overshadowed by the immediate inefficiencies.

However, with the right team working with you during this process, you won’t have to deal with the common pains that come attached to ERP software. The ERP market patterns show that having capable people at every level—from project management, design, analysis, training, and security—can lead to maximum effectiveness.

Corning Data Services Inc. knows ERP, and has been a vested JD Edwards (JDE) implantation partner for 20 years.  As one of JD Edwards’ original partners, we understand the ERP landscape and what is needed to significantly shorten the time to “go live.” In addition, we are also a valued IBM Business Partner with the ability to supply the latest IBM i and System x platforms

To learn more about our implementation methodology for saving time and money while creating a rock-solid ERP foundation, contact us today.


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