DSI for JD Edwards: Webinar and Blog Series | 1

Corning Data and DSI are teaming up to deliver a web presentation on Feb. 16 on how DSI for JD Edwards can enhance your Digital Transformation. Corning Data’s own JD Edwards evangelist Richard Garraputa shares the first in a continuing blog series leading up to the webinar. 

Oh, the paper … the never-ending sea of paper

dsi jd edwards paper

You see the challenge throughout your organization: Fragmented processes clogged with paper. You hear the tap-tap-tap of computer keyboards well-worn by the constant keying of paper-based data into systems and spreadsheets. The air moves with the whir of printers creating ever more paper to feed the next plodding step in the cycle. You ask yourself, “Is this really why I implemented an Enterprise system?”

In more than 20 years of helping my customers design technology solutions to support their business processes, I have never once had a business leader express that reality as their vision. Just the opposite … This forest-depleting, carpal-tunnel-syndrome-inducing scenario is exactly the dystopia from which they are seeking to escape.

Enter “Digital Transformation” … the buzz-word laden promise of transformation with interconnected, digitized, optimized EVERYTHING. You flash back to visions of your rip-and-replace Enterprise system project and cold chills tingle down your spine. “No way,” you think. “We’ll find a way to wade through the paper.”

But the journey to Digital Transformation doesn’t have to be a nightmare. With your core processes already supported by JD Edwards, you already have the foundations in place to support your Digital Transformation. But, like many organizations, you have gaps in your implementation; gaps you have papered over with, well, paper.

“Paper clogs up processes,” says John Mancini, President of the Association for Image and Image Management (AIIM). “Paper creates disruptions to smooth information flows. Digital processes require digital information.”

Creating solutions

So all we need to do is use technology to get rid of paper?!? Not exactly. But paper may be the most visible symptom of the real challenge. Following the trail of paper may lead you to discover a broken process or a gap in your technology deployment.dsi jd edwards

“It’s not the technology that drives the transformation. It’s how it is used and adopted …” states Erik Brynjolfsson, director of the MIT Center for Digital Business. Your Digital Transformation is as much about your processes as it is about the technology you are using to support them. Technology, processes and digitizing information come together to enable Digital Transformation.

The upcoming webinar by Corning Data and DSI will explore how you can use JD Edwards and DSI to enhance your processes, or better connect them within your organization, customers and suppliers. We’ll show how our customers are using these tools together to digitize their data, reduce paper and manual data entry. These real customer stories will demonstrate how they used technology to shape their processes along their journey to Digital Transformation.


And Corning Data and DSI will give you a path through the paper forest with webinar demonstration of DSI for JD Edwards. You’ll see how supply chain and projects-based customers are using these technologies to automate their business processes, reduce manual data entry and support the Digital Transformation of their enterprises.

richard garraputaRichard Garraputa is a Corning Data enterprise software evangelist with more than 20 years experience in helping drive real business benefits from improved processes and use of technology. He helps clients grow their top line revenues, reduce costs through more efficient and effective operations, and become more competitive through improved processes.


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