DSI for JD Edwards Webinar and Blog Series | 3

Corning Data and DSI delivered a web presentation on Feb. 16 on how DSI for JD Edwards can enhance your Digital Transformation. (Check back later for the webinar replay!) Corning Data’s own JD Edwards evangelist Richard Garraputa shares the third in a continuing blog series about the powerful duo of DSI and JD Edwards.

The Digital Transformation Journey Continues…

In the last blog post, we:

  • laid out the steps in the journey to Digital Transformation
  • pointed out how the customer is at the center of our journey
  • discussed how business leaders drive the journey direction
  • looked at how technology supports the journey

We also started an example Digital Transformation journey together, using paper-based Activities to help identify gaps in the Order Fulfillment process. WOW! That was a lot. But our Digital Transformation journey has just begun.dsi for jd edwards

We are working to automate the manual Pick and Ship Activities using DSI data collection transactions to replace the paper forms. This will have an immediate benefit of saving hours of hand keying every week and give immediate visibility to the status of orders. Quick win!

While this is going on, we are continuing to lead the business in a discussion of our overall Order Fulfillment process. We start asking the hard questions …

Think about what it would mean to customers if we can tell them while they are still on the phone:
  • when we can ship their order
  • how much their order will cost with their discounts and promotions
  • the cost of their shipping charges
  • and (critically)… Will all this translate into more sales?

The VP of Sales says, “That could not only increase sales by three percent, it could add two points to our margins if we could standardize our pricing!”

The Director of Logistics chimes in, “If I wasn’t spending so much time on the phone pricing freight for each order, I could probably spend more time negotiating better rates, making us more competitive.”

Trifecta! Higher revenues, bigger margins, more competitive position! You are creating a Competency in your Order Fulfillment. You start working with Corning Data to implement technologies like JD Edwards Advanced Pricing, outbound Transportation Management and real time Available to Promise. You have jumped to the next step in your Digital Transformation journey.

In our next article, we will explore how developing business Competencies can lead to new ways to do business, laying the foundation for evolving your business model.

richard garraputa dsi for jd edwards Richard Garraputa is a Corning Data enterprise software evangelist with more than 20 years experience in helping drive real business benefits from improved processes and use of technology. He helps clients grow their top line revenues, reduce costs through more efficient and effective operations, and become more competitive through improved processes.


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