DSI for JD Edwards Webinar and Blog Series | 2

dsi for jd edwards webinar

Corning Data and DSI are teaming up to deliver a web presentation on Feb. 16 on how DSI for JD Edwards can enhance your Digital Transformation. Corning Data’s own JD Edwards evangelist Richard Garraputa shares the second in a continuing blog series leading up to the webinar. 

In the last blog post, I noted that reliance on paper documents within a business process is often not the real problem. Rather, it’s a symptom of a broken process that is inhibiting your journey to Digital Transformation. In this article, I will discuss the Digital Transformation journey itself and use an example of the order fulfillment process to start your own transformation. Corning Data will demonstrate actual customer experience with Digital Transformation in our upcoming DSI for JD Edwards webinar.

Like many journeys, recognizing that a problem exists is often the first step to fixing it.

So, you know you have a problem with your Order Fulfillment process. Now, you have to fix it. Joy. Now, you need to document your existing process so you can examine possible solutions. Corning Data helps your business do this with our On Target project methodology.

Your As-Is Process diagram may have looked like this:

Corning Data might start your Digital Transformation journey by automating Activities and reducing your reliance on paper. This helps reduce manual tasks by cutting back on handwritten data that gets re-keyed, and by reducing emails. Improving the Activities is a great accomplishment. These labor-intensive activities are costly. They obscure your visibility of your problem and hinder your ability to make timely business decisions.

STEP: Automate Activities to reduce manual effort and reduce paper.dsi for jd edwards webinar

You can take this step by using technologies like DSI with JD Edwards. You can automate Activities using scanning technology or tablet-based forms at the point of transaction to speed data capture and cut out paper.

But while your first impulse might be, “We have to fix these Activities and get rid of the paper!,” it really should be, “We have to envision a future Order Fulfillment process that better satisfies the needs of our customer.”

LESSON: Your customer is at the center of your journey to Digital Transformation.

By putting the customer at the center, you should engage the business leaders. Schedule a Vision Tour with Corning Data to lead this discussion and document a future process for Order Fulfillment. This starts a conversation with the business on how the Order Fulfillment process can drive efficiencies and competencies. It enables competition using new approaches and business models.

LESSON: Your business leaders drive the direction of your Digital Transformation journey.

Now, you are leading a discussion about your broader business vision. Corning Data can help you link announcements of new JD Edwards capabilities, such as UX One, DSI functionality or other technology to your “problem of the day” within the context of your strategic business vision. You can eliminate paper in these Activities in a way that fits your broader vision and avoids going down a blind alley.

LESSON: Your Digital Transformation journey is made up of many steps tied together by a business vision and enabled by technology. Corning Data will help get you there.

My next blog post will further your Digital Transformation journey from automating Activities to improving business Processes.

richard garraputa dsi for jd edwards webinarRichard Garraputa is a Corning Data enterprise software evangelist with more than 20 years experience in helping drive real business benefits from improved processes and use of technology. He helps clients grow their top line revenues, reduce costs through more efficient and effective operations, and become more competitive through improved processes.


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