Should you consider outsourcing your CNC?

CNC Managed Services is a cost effective option for managing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne environments.  Maintaining this skill in-house can be a very expensive proposition given the cost of salaries, bonuses, turnover, sick time, vacation and benefits.  Additional savings can be found by eliminating the need for ongoing training (or paying for the shortfalls from the lack thereof).  The only concern is what you can expect from an outsourcing partner.

Utilizing an experienced and reputable Oracle JD Edwards partner is vital in maintaining and improving the performance of your JD Edwards environment.  The Oracle Partner Network, (OPN), has created a high level of expertise certification known as OPN Specialized.  With OPN Specialized, Oracle formally recognizes partners that have invested time and resources in developing significant expertise in Oracle’s products and solutions.

Using Specialized as a starting point can help to “ease the pain” of finding the company that has the best solution for you.  There are a number of factors in making this all-important decision.

Factors include whether or not there are:

  •  fixed monthly cost options
  • tiered service levels to fit your needs
  • experienced personnel to handle all of your CNC needs remotely
  • preferred rates for on-site services
  • unscheduled/on demand support

With literally tens of thousands of dollars to be saved each year, making the right choice is critical.  Anyone requiring a long-term, inflexible agreement should be questioned.  Paying for services that over time are no longer needed can significantly cut into these savings.  From one year to the next, companies often experience change in requirements.  Only agreements that have provisions for yearly adjustments should be considered.

It makes good business sense to consider outsourcing your CNC services.  You may discover there is significant savings available, while improving the performance of your JD Edwards environment.  The only question left is who has the experience, resources and flexibility to provide the correct solution for your company.

Corning Data Services, Inc. is one of the oldest JD Edwards software resellers, with a staff of professionals experienced with every version and release of JD Edwards OneWorld/EnterpriseOne since the product was first introduced in 1996 and is the very first Oracle Partner to receive the CNC Specialized designation. Call Corning Data Services today at 800-455-5996 or e-mail us at to schedule a no-cost evaluation.  We will provide a solution that is tailored fit your organization.  Experience Matters®


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