COLLABORATE 18! Movin’ On Up (And Out): License Plating Made Easy

Join us for our presentation at Collaborate 18 in Las Vegas!

April 25th, 2018 from 2:30 to 3:30 PM at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Lagoon H

Session ID: 107540

Movin’ On Up (and Out): License Plating Made Easy

Moving inventory fast and efficiently is key to improving customer order processing times, lowering labor costs, eliminating errors and driving real bottom line results. Implementing JD Edwards License Plate Management for handling pallets, totes or containers of any size can be a big part of realizing these benefits, especially since you may already own this functionality. This session, for business leaders and functional analysts, explores how Carling Technologies used license plating to improve warehouse operations. Corning Data will cover what type of inventory and orders may benefit from using license plating, the JD Edwards license requirements, the merits of using data collection in this environment and what a license plating project might look like for you.


  1. Discuss how JD Edwards EnterpriseOne can drive real business benefit
  2. Demonstrate how to leverage software you already own
  3. Present real world examples of how other companies use JD Edwards EnterpriseOne


Richard Garraputa has driven business benefits from improved processes and technology use for over 20 years. He helps clients grow top line revenues, reduce costs through efficient operations, and become more competitive through improved processes. He has a proven track record of leveraging Enterprise Software in manufacturing, supply chain management, logistics and fulfillment across industries including Manufacturing, Distribution, Services and Construction.


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