ERP Software for Small to Medium Sized Business

ERP Software Systems for Small to Medium Sized Businesses By now, you’ve pored over plenty of materials and feel ready to pull the trigger on a new ERP software platform. But before you do, you’ll need to turn a critical eye to your options while keeping each platform’s costs in Continue Reading

Cycle count in inventory management

Cycle count in inventory management Once upon a time, it was common for many types of businesses, from manufacturers to distributors to retailers, to conduct complete physical inventory counting every year. For many businesses, this meant shutting down their operations for a few arduous days of counting everything in the Continue Reading

Lot expiration date number: How to check it?

Lot expiration date number: How to check it? Product traceability requires the tracking of batch lot numbers. Batch and lot numbers are often used interchangeably to reference a category of similar products produced under the same conditions. Lot numbers facilitate tracking of the product and its ingredients. In turn, stakeholders Continue Reading

How to Choose Lot Traceability Software

Photo: Pixabay Lot traceability is a compliance requirement of the Food Safety Modernization Act. Lot tracking enables food and beverage companies to be in good standing with all players in the supply chain, including retailers and consumers. It helps enhance your ability to monitor and quickly respond to defects and Continue Reading