6 Reasons Your Boss Needs You to Attend COLLABORATE 17

Mandalay Bay Collaborate 17
Don’t be fooled; this looks like vacation but it’s really an informative and grueling ERP HQ.

So, you want to attend COLLABORATE 17 – Quest Forum, April 2-6, 2017 at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

After all, it is the premier event for “Oracle application users and decision-makers to conquer challenges together.” And Corning Data will be there with our Move Up exhibit at Booth #309 and our team of JD Edwards experts.

Of course you have to go. I mean, first … Vegas, right? Second, it’s Mandalay BayMandalay Bay … 13 lounges and bars; including Minus5 Ice Bar, the 1923 Bourbon Bar speakeasy and Charlie Palmer Steak Lounge; 24 restaurants; casino and the 11-acre Mandalay Beach, made of three heated pools, a lazy river and a waterfall. A waterfall.

You need to go. You work in enterprise software. There’re only so many chances to get this industry-excited. Of course, all this awesomeness is not going to move your boss to pack your suitcases and put you on the next plane out there.

You’ve got to play this one smooth. Be cool now … Here’s your pitch … adapted from the actual Justification Letter provided at the Collaborate 17 registration page:

Mandalay Bay Collaborate 17
11 acres of heated pools, but you’ll probably be too busy to even dip a toe in (wink, wink).

Dear Greatest and Most Venerable Boss Ever,

Attending COLLABORATE will allow me to participate in education sessions that are directly applicable to my work on <insert team priority/project>. I’ll have the chance to network with a variety of peers who face the same challenges, and experts- like the Corning Data team- who offer real solutions. Many of the presentations offer time- and money-saving tips and techniques and information on streamlining processes and boosting productivity.

I am seeking sponsorship for the registration fee and travel expenses at this time in between projects to attend.

If I attend, I’ll have access to:

  • More than 23 hours of education (400+ sessions) selected by Quest’s <insert your product here i.e. PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Cloud> customer committee members.
  • Keynote presentations from Oracle thought leaders, as well as announcements and road maps that are exclusive to COLLABORATE 17 from Oracle experts and strategists, and live demos at the Oracle Demo Grounds.
  • More than 30 special interest group and industry meetings that will serve as open discussions around relevant topics and enhancements.
  • 200+ solution providers in the exhibitor showcase.
  • Hundreds of peers to network and share ideas and best practices with.
  • A Corning Data team of experts at the innovative Move Up exhibit who can help me identify our needs and develop a strategy to enhance <insert whatever it is you do all day at your place of employment>.

    Mandalay Bay Collaborate 17
    This casino should not factor into your case for attendance at all.

I’ll learn how to make the most of our current <insert product or focus area here> investment to increase our staff’s productivity and create ways to cut more overhead costs, as well as get a preview of how our organization can take advantage of the technology in the most recent release and upcoming feature pack releases. A few of the presentations that I plan to attend include:

Corning Data’s John Walczak BREAKING BAD: Better Response to Customer Demand with Fulfillment Management

Corning Data’s Richard Garraputa Movin’ On Up (and Out): License Plating Made Easy

I’ve enclosed an agenda that I built using the customized agenda tool focused on our key priorities. I have access to sessions around not just our product, but also other products in the Oracle ecosystem.  <build a custom agenda here>

I’ll also be able to build new business relationships and share best practices with other attendees working on the same priorities through networking time and Special Interest Group meetings. This event also has an extensive number of case study presentations and round table discussions with other users [<list a few sessions here>.

Mandalay Bay Collaborate 17
You will probably go to bed super-early because you will be so exhausted from networking and learning how to transform your business and increase profit margins. So, a comfortable room is required.

Other staff members in our organization will be able to benefit as I will meet with the team when I return to relay recommendations and action items and circulate a detailed actionable Trip Report. I’ll also have full access to view all COLLABORATE presentation slide decks upon return – perfect for reviewing key highlights with the team.

Please accept this proposal to attend as I’m confident in the significant return we will receive for the small investment. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Your faithful servant,
<insert name>

Just remember … when your boss mentions all the wonders that are Mandalay Bay, play it cool. Act clueless.

“Oh, really?” you say. “I haven’t had a chance to check out the resort amenities, shows and shopping yet … No, I didn’t notice that Cher is playing there …  I was super-busy pouring over course selections. Wow! There are some really stellar industry experts like Richard Garraputa and John Walczak attending! I just happened to see that the really affordable room rates go up on Feb. 27th, and there’s a 30 percent registration discount through March 29 … I’d really like to get to work and save our firm some money …”



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